Im a procrastinator

My lack of updating was becoming annoying. (for me)
So here is another outfit post.
Must do assignments though.
I'm too much of a procrastinator

This is before I had fixed my hair and makeup so I look a little tired.

I wore this to a lunch with my mum friends.
I should have brought my camera!
We went to an all you can eat restaurant and I just kept refilling.
I wanted to take food home but felt bad after eating so much.
I also bumped into a girl who was sporting a pair of doc martens.
She made me want to buy some.
Also, her sister was wearing the coolest outfit I have seen for a long time in the gold coast.
Really wish I had my camera.

I do edit my photos.
I make it brighter and blur out the crap at the back because its just very distracting from some my outfits.

Sportsgirl Tunic/dress. Supre Belt. Forever new sequin flats. Chanel bag.

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