Leopard baby!

Wearing; Oversized camel coat Vintage, Leopard knit H&M (sale), Blouse H&M, Bag Zara, Nail polish AA, Leather pants from my mother, Shoes ASOS.

As promised some full shots of yesterday's outfit..
I wanted to create something preppy but edgy at the same time and therefore I choose to wear a pair of leather pants and lace up boots..
You also got a little peek of my new coat I found at the market, what is such a beautiful bargain, most people thought I got it at Zara.
These are absolutely not my favorite pictures, it was too gloomy and quite late to have the perfect lighting.
I also noticed while going through my pictures that I was looking down or holding my hair all the time, I always do that when the wind is bothering me!
O well, you can not always have what you want.
Snow is everywhere and although I really like the look/vibe I hate it as soon as I have to go somewhere.
I have been living in my Zara boots, which are actually perfect for these conditions, since I refuse to wear anything else..
No snowboots or uggs for me, no matter what condition, how warm they are or comfy, I refuse to wear those ugly things..
This leopard is going to sit and relax now, and enjoy the view..
From inside!

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