Little Red Corvette baby you're much too fast

I'm actually listening to "Little Red Corvette" right now on the radio ...ahahaha which just so happens to fit with my new reddish hair. But it's making me lol! HARD

sweater and over the knee boots+taupe otk boots+louis vuitton bag+outfit

taupe over the knee boots+gray jeans+chunky knit sweater+louis vuitton speedy bag

red low lights+strawberry blond hair+sweater and jeans

butt in jeans+over the knee boots+sweater+hair+louis vuitton bag

matiko over the knee boots with buckles+louis vuitton speedy bag with charms+contrast

otk boots with jeans and a sweater+red highlights+reddish hair

What I'm Wearing
* Chunky knit sweater ...thrifted. But it's old so it's probably almost vintage by now.
* DL1961 Premium Denim gray jeans ...from GILT last seen here
* Matiko taupe over the knee boots from HauteLook {I got them in black too} This was actually my first HauteLook purchase ...and while there was a mix-up with the delivery of these {I got someone else's order} HauteLook handled the situation fantastically ...and I got my boots yesterday. I think they are a bit of a knockoff of the Barney's Co-Op OTK boots from last Winter - and they are a bitch to get on and off but they're hot. You can find them HERE, HERE, and HERE
* Louis Vuitton Speedy {30}
* Tom Ford Anouk cat eye sunglasses ...maybe it's time for some new sunnies. I've worn the shit out of these ...but I still love them!

If you've been a long-time Maegan reader, you'd know that my beloved hair stylist, Nikki, stopped doing hair a couple months ago, leaving me out in the cold. Oh the dramatics! ...I waited as long as I could stand to look at my grown out highlights, hoping she'd change her mind and come back to me, but no such luck. So I searched for the closest Salon to my house, because that's how I roll, which happened to be Aveda and stopped in last Sunday morning for a consultation, agreeing to a little bit of red in my life.

You see, ever since the first Iron Man movie was released, where Gwyneth Paltrow donned a strawberry blonde "do" to play Pepper Pots, my husband has been, not-so-subtly speaking of his fondness for it. I even went so far as to go as The Black Widow for Halloween ...but finally, since I was going to a new stylist and all, I decided to take the plunge and switch it up a little for the husband.

I went in yesterday afternoon at 4:30pm ...and at 8pm {omg it took sooooo long} I left, loving my new reddish do. But when I woke up this morning, the red was a bit more STARTLING than last night and I second-guessed it. Though when I walked out into the living room to leave for work, I got the husband approval {sometimes he just stares at me, lol} and I suppose that's what I was waiting for ;)

ps. I love your comments in the prior post ...about red washing out quickly. I think it will be a little softer in a week or so.

Happy Friday Lovecats

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