Maeg-it Yourself *Home Edition* Fireplace Facelift

green marble fireplace

This is a bit of a different Maeg-it yourself but when I read Tiffany's submission, I just got inspired to offer her some advice!

Tiffany's moving into a super-cute rental with great overall character and a cute backyard ...but this green marble fireplace is a bit outdated and doesn't go with A. The rest of the house and B. Her overall design aesthetic. Tiffany asked me for some affordable DIY advice since her landlord was open to her making some changed. So I did a little research and here's what I came up with Tiffany. Beginning with the most cost-effective to the least. . .

* Decorate it and own it! So you have a big green fireplace, throw your flatscreen over it and call it a day. Also, if you don't have kids or curious pets and there's a screen in front of the opening, you can opt to not use that free standing screen.

* Paint it! ...this will be your most cost-effective DIY. Here's a great guide: How to Paint a Marble Fireplace ...scruff it, prime it, paint it! Seems easy enough. You can even paint it to look like it's tiled.

flatscreen tv on  fireplace with plant

* Add a Mantel! A bit more costly, it'll make your newly painted marble really look finished. Or, just add a mantel over the marble to disguise it {like the 2nd photo below} Home Depot has only a few affordable options so why not build your own? Here's video on how to install a pre-assembled mantel.

Fireplaces-decorated-for-Christmas1 GH-Halloween_149.tif

* Faux Stone it! Obviously a more costly and time consuming option, but a really nice effect nonetheless. Cultured Stone $25-$50 per square foot'a little video. There's also a How to Apply Faux Stone to a Fireplace guide here

mag15desib1__1234471922_2789 home_cover.1014hs6

* Adobe it! I'm a sucker for all things Spanish and Mission Style ...well, at least when it comes to homes that is ;) but I don't see why you couldn't do a faux Spanish/Adobe style fireplace using some sort of stucco or drywall mud or clay? However, I haven't found any specific guides on how-to DIY it so if this is an option, you may want to ask around.

Kiva fireplace front made with glass or screen 001 adobe fireplace, spanish fireplace, mission style mantel, mantle, Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 2.35.12 PM

Tiffany, I hope I could at least inspire you a little bit and get your creative juices flowing. Your new place is adorable! I bet you can't wait to get in there and start decorating it! ...and for the rest of you, I hope it was at least, worth your while to stop by and visit ;)

...& a few more fireplaces for inspiration





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