* Maeg-it Yourself Long Tassel Earrings *

DIY tassel earrings

I MIY'd a pair chain tassel earrings back in August 2009 and have worn them enough to see a bit of tarnishing on the gold hooks and chain ...which doesn't bother me really. But since they're a bit shorter and well, dripping with chains, they have a particular style. And like many things, there are various different styles of tassel earrings.

I picked up a few of these rope tassel tiebacks in different colors a while back on a trip to JoAnn's and thought I'd ultimately use them as necklaces. One morning, however, I needed a pair of cognac colored earrings, saw the rope tassel hanging from my mirror, grabbed it and a pair of stud earrings and left for work. Once at work, I snipped and tied them up into a cute pair of tassel earrings that tied my entire outfit together. It took about 5 minutes!

Since there are a handful of different tassel earring DIYs out there, {including the ever adorable Geneva from APairandASpare's neon duo and uber-cool OutsaPop's super long fringe pair I decided not to post my original DIY earrings. But because I got so many requests for it and since mine is a bit different, here it is. {it looks like a lot of steps but really, it's a 10 minute DIY}


* Home Inspirations rope tassel tieback {found at JoAnn's} ...I like these in particular because they look expensive but are between $4.99 and $7.99 {I can't find them online}
* A pair of stud earrings
* Scissors
* Any kind of glue


* Choose stud earrings with long stems.


* Cut tassels from rope, leaving about 2-1/2" on each. {save the rope for a future project :}


* Unravel rope.


* Find three strings on each side closest to the edge and to each other and separate them from the rest.


* Holding back the 6 strings you've separated, carefully cut the others out and toss away.


* Create a loose knot with remaining strings.


* Slip studs through knot and tighten.


* Replace earring backs to hold your first knot in place.


* Bring string around the stem and knot again on opposite side of first knot.


* Bring rope around again to the opposite side {the first side} and tie another knot ...then tie one knot on top of that one and tighten all the way, leaving no visible length/strings between studs and top of tassel.


* Final knot


* Dab a bit of any kind of glue over the knots just to ensure they stay tied ...& let dry.


* Once glue is dry, snip remaining ends, leaving about 1/8 of an inch {unless your studs are small, then make sure no thread is visible from the front}


tassel earrings with diamond studs with sea shells

navy blue tassel earrings with diamonds

diy long tassel earrings with diamond studs on coral

* Don't they kinda look like ladies in dresses? I love it!

And here are the originals . . . with much smaller studs, giving them an entirely different look than the glamourous feel the navy/diamond ones have above. I think what's most fun about this DIY is you can swap out any studs you like!

diy tassel earrings


Have Fun!


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