Man-Repelling So Hard I was Almost Embarrassed

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What I'm Wearing
* Vintage pants ...seen here and pegged with my Hem Gems ...I never use them correctly, lol, but they are fantastically handy!
* Vintage leather belt
* Karen Zambos ivory blouse from GILT
* Victoria's Secret open cardigan ...I told you I bought almost every color. It's Fab!
* DIY Tassel earrings ...these are easy and everyone's done them ...I wrote about them here when I made them and wore them but let me know if you want a little DIY and I'll maybe do one this weekend. ALSO, getting back to Reader Request MIYs next week!
* Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses
* Cynthia Rowley burgundy bag ...Available at ShopBop
* Cynthia Vincent zip front sandals {love these} also from GILT -
* Hair: pulled up and back while wet in the morning ...I really couldn't be bothered.

I actually wore this last week ...last Thursday to be exact when I should have been wearing my Red Pumps, I instead had a brain fart, forgot about my red pumps completely and walked out of the house looking like this. Admittedly, I was very comfortable, which is what I was going for much so that I really had to stop myself from wearing heels {my LAMB sandals, to be exact, which I've worn with the pants before} which honestly would have made it look 90% better. Now, it isn't bad per se but it isn't great on me. I think the key to looking great is wearing clothes that accentuate your goods and hide your flaws {because we all have flaws}. This outfit does neither ...and since I'm curvy, it just made me look and feel frumpy. Now, on a 20-something bean-pole, this would probably look adorable. I am neither of those things ;)

Also, I need a tan. Is it Summer yet?

cynthia rowley handbag and tom ford cat eye sunglasses, DSC_0336

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Happy Friday Lovecats

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