Minimalistic colorblocking..

Photos by Jasper van Es.
Wearing; Asymmetric trenchcoat Armand Basi, Belt Zara, Jacket H&M, Blouse H&M, Necklace Vintage, Pants H&M, Rings Topshop and Obey, Nail polish AA, Shoes H&M.

Please bare with me.
This often happens to people who can not sit still and certainly can not stay inside for one day.
You feel like you missed an era of season changing, climate changing and social changes and as a early adopter you run out the door with the first thing you want to do for upcoming season.
Which in my case is color blocking.
Yes, these circumstances written above definitely damage the brain from logical thinking.
They only start functioning again once your outside, did you MJ impression in some high heels and realize that your feet will freeze into pieces.
Although my love for color blocking was minimalistic this time, when upcoming season does come I will do everything in my power to pursue the spring/summer collection of my favorite designer Jil Sander.
One thing is for sure, the above situation will not be pulled out of the closet.. Well for a while.

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