My serious hat..

Wearing; Aviator jacket Queens Wardrobe, Hat River Island, Blouse H&M, Wing necklace H&M, Shorts Queenswardrobe, Layered tights HEMA, Boots Zara.

You can't imagine how much I enjoy looking at the photos from a few days ago since now everything is covered in thick snow.
This time, not something I created in my sleep..
I rediscovered my aviator jacket and started throwing pieces on and although I was planning on wearing my leather shorts I ended up wearing these.
Shape wise and color wise, these simply suited better the slouchy look I was trying to create.
Being teased by my dad and brother is something I'm used to and this time they called my (according to them ridiculous hat) "Pietje puk".
My only response was.. Dad this is my serious hat. Ssht.
And while walking away with a tiny smile on my face, after all it's my serious hat, I heard myself say..
If you love yourself, you can only be loved by others.

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