Mac "Morange A60" and "saint germain A10".

Everyone knows I'm not a beauty guru, I mean I even manage to spill mascara on my face (yes on my face).
Still I love wearing lipstick now and then and I recently got myself a "Morange" by Mac.
It's just as pretty as we saw at the Jil Sander SS11 runway show.
A few days ago I told you about my brainstorm with Jasper and one of the things we agreed on was personalizing my blog more and show how I come up with certain outfits or things that inspired me to come up with that.
Now I'm not going to bore you with a stack of photos I save in my inspiration file on my computer, but keeping it very close to myself namely the things I see and capture.
I often get the question what my main source of inspiration is but there is simply not one main source.
I can get inspired by anything. And by anything I mean anything. Even a brick can inspire me.
As usual I'm buried in stacks of homework and that is actually today's inspiration..
I was browsing in my dummy and most of the times I look at the pages separately but today I noticed the cohesion of the two pages..
In combination with pink and orange the blue really stood out and as of right now I'm getting dressed in these colors..
I'm never hungry.. Fashion is my food.

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