Our Relaxing Christmas Day

After all the rain we've had lately, Christmas day was warm and sunny, just like it always is here in LA and we had the family over to our house wherein we surprised both my niece, Delilah and my mom with brand new bicycles ...and while my mom was the most excited, I think Delilah will grow to love hers as well. We had a wonderful Christmas this year, all the way around ...and it's still going. The husband won one of his fantasy football leagues a few days ago and went out and bought a new 3d Sony TV for our game room {as if we don't have enough flat screens in the house, lol}. Hopefully I'll get a chance to photograph all our goodies {with my new camera/lens YAY} and share the fun with you all. And while my brain is thinking about {not posting} on this blog about as much as my husband thinks about sex {ALOT}, I'm quite enjoying my little break. In fact, I spent the entire day at my mom's yesterday doing nothing but sitting around chatting ....all. day. long. It was nice.


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