Part two..

Photos by Teampeterstigter.

Although I already dedicated a blog post to the Unlimited pr blog event I couldn't hold these pictures from you.
Besides I promised to show you more since my own dumb ass forgot her camera.
Were are we looking at..
1. High tea with Pepe Jeans we also did a shoot with Pepe Jeans clothes styled by us.
2. Cindy and Roos and something orange in between, our own table to make cocktails.
3. Zhe bloggers!
4. After the MAC presentation we were able to try some trends ourselves, although I really wanted to try the dramatic Ann Demeulemeester eyebrows from her latest collection I went for some simple eyeliner because I already had striking lipstick on.
5. Me and Roos checking her camera while shooting pictures of each other..
A big thanks to everyone at Unlimited Pr, I had a blast!

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