Revealing skin..

Wearing; Silver knitted jumper H&M Trend, Clutch Cheap monday, Harem pants Sfera, Nail polish Catrice 220, Rings Gina Tricot and Obey, Shoes New Look.

A question which everyone asked themselves these past couple of days..
What to wear during Christmas?
Obviously, something I asked myself but this year I decided to let loose.
If I would find something during Christmas shopping that I would like to wear I would buy it.
If not, I'll figure it out on the exact same day working with my "existing wardrobe".
And so I did, also broke my tradition to wear dresses every holiday season.
This year, I wore a pair of satin pants and combined it with a silver jumper, gold jewelry, dark brown nail polish, burgundy clutch and my new accessory the "Mohawk".
May be strange to some but I revealed a bit of my tummy by making the top asymmetrical.
Believe me, it looks good!
It sure is a hate or love it thing though, but in this content I sure love it!
I think it's delicate and chic instead of raunchy.
Will try to post the look from head to toe but until then, enjoy these days, I know I certainly am!

Ps. Who lots of food during Christmas? My christmas course was a pair of high heeled beauties. Yum!

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