Simple line..

Wearing; Long camel coat Queenswardrobe, Knit River Island, Leather pants unknown, Burgundy clutch Cheap Monday, Shoes Supertrash.
I seriously don't like these pictures to say the least, but since I have no time to shoot some new ones, I decided to post them anyway.

Been looking for a straight camel coat for a while now, and sometimes you can find great ones at vintage stores but I got mine closer to home namely at Queenswardrobe.
Today I went for something simple and effortless, the coat has an instant "stylish factor" so I just threw on a knit, pair of pants, my little burgundy friend and of course I couldn't leave without wearing my new shoes.
But after spending time in the car and actually have to come out of the car, I was forced to exchange them for my Zara boots since I don't want to ruin them.
Time is flying by too fast and I feel like I have been off for just a few days instead of a week.
Many things to do, little time.
Open for new experiences, positivity and a new year..

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