Strong lines..

Wearing; Soft shoulder padded pink jacket H&M (The color is stronger in real life than in the photos as well as the whole colored pallet), Tank H&M, Baggy jeans Zara TRF and Wedges Bershka.

While I’m writing this spring seems to be disappeared and rain took over the good days..
As much as I would want to, dressing up everyday isn’t realistic.
For example, from time to time I give restyling and theatre workshops and especially for the last one comfort is a must.
I can not give active lesson running around in tight skirts or dresses.
This whole week I’ll giving theatre workshops..
Therefore my outfits are based on casual and comfortable clothing.
You are probably thinking.. Why the hell does she wear wedges, these aren’t exactly comfortable?!
Well, besides my addiction to them..They are extremely comfortable.
And they are the perfect replacement since I don’t wear sneakers.
Yes I have to confess, I haven’t worn sneakers since I was twelve.
Addicted to heels, minty green nails (yes I even polished my toe’s in this color), denim jackets and colors?

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