Suited up..

Wearing; Blazer H&M, Dress worn as top IKKS, Clutch H&M, Pants IKKS, Lipstick Morange by Mac, Shoes Supertrash.

We have seen it everywhere.. From the latest D&G show to YSL..
The men's suit.
For a young lady like me, who owns way more skirts and dresses than pants this can either be a challenge or not interesting.
It is obvious that I found it interesting and a new pair of pants gave me the perfect excuse to give it a try.
One of the things that can be tricky with this trend is looking too masculine.
Of course it can be an option for girls who like it but for me a pair of heels is a must especially to lengthen the legs since wide pants tends to make you like shorter.
Normally I would look for options to personalize the outfit but yesterday my inspiration was already set.
Can you see the resemblance?

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