The perfect tren(d)ch..

Wearing; Trench coat by Armand Basi via my-wardrobe, Sheer top H&M, Bustier H&M, High waisted shorts H&M divided exclusive, Dotted tights H&M and shoes Bershka. (Other coat Zara click here )

The most versatile and indispensable piece in the fashion industry, the trench coat.
This season the trench coat is one of the pieces you will see in every collection.
The trench coat should be part of the spring wardrobe of any self-confident woman who is inspired by the sophisticated style of the trench coat.
You could say I have a collection of trench coats because every season “she is my best friend”.
For the season coming up I already found my new “best friend” designed by Armand Basi.
The design is based on asymmetric lines (It’s no secret I love anything asymmetric), soft fabrics and the comfortableness of the trench coat.
And yes my readers, this was the last item out of the package I received from my-wardrobe.
I have little time so I had no choice to leave you with a small impression of how the trench coat looks.
I am working on a new lay out so I can share more photos without stretching my site.
Also, I bought a new lens for my camera for better pictures!
Never let the sun fool you, I changed this baby for my hooded coat you have seen before in this post.
Part two of the trench coat is sure to follow.
New photos, new layout..
To be continued..

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