Three ways to wear it..

I had this new category in my mind for a while but now was the time to introduce it.
I often get the question how I select my garments, knowing it can be worn in many different ways.
It's no secret that I want to stimulate versatility/creativity and break the taboo of wearing a piece just once.
And this new category is perfect to answer your questions and to give you an idea of the possibilities of reinventing one piece.
This week piece is the chunky knitted jumper, something we definitely need this season.
I chose a neutral color as base but a grey,cream or white one also works for these looks.
Pair your jumper with a blazer, this can be a green one, pink or black depending on your style.
Reveal a part of your (wavy) shorts and pair it up with some cool tights.
A jumper can easily be tucked in a pair of pants.
Make sure, the pants you wear is slimming otherwise the whole look gets a bit big.
Throw on a cape, camel coat, military coat on and some leather gloves to create chicness.
When you're not wearing that much color you can go for some show stopping shoes in striking colors.
Pair knits with knits.
Cozy and warm, but it also can create an interesting texture.
Try a long cardigan, in a striking color or in grey, green, cream etc.
And some interesting tights to create more edge!
It's a matter of trying but believe me, it works!

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