Totally sane post for 3am

Watched the beautiful Avatar today.
Everybody go watch so they can make a sequel!!

Im a sucker for anything fantasy (Vampire stays with Vampire Knight please) so I thoroughly enjoyed each second without noticing the time.

Here I am with the epic Country Road version of the PS1.
Someone from TFS was, I quote 'disgusted' enough to send Proenza an email about Country Road.
Oh my god.
There are some big baby whingers out there.

Its not like the people buying the $200 bag were likely to buy the $4000 bag in the first place.
If Proenza goes bankrupt from depleting sales then that is their own fault.
Leather and suede is ridiculously cheap.
Read Fashion Babylon for insider details on how some (*cough*most*cough*) designers manufacture in China and stitch the last things on to add the 'made in Italy' tag.

That girl won't have one thing in her wardrobe that hasn't been a stolen idea from another designer.

My conclusion from this messy argument is, Proenza is making $4000 per bag (In Australia) and Country Road is making about $200-$300.
They both use leather and suede.
Whose to say the cheaper alternative gives you less style than the dearer one?
And don't be so bossy on what other people spend their money on.
Boycott it and move on with life.

(If you read this far, laugh out loud. I will edit it later on when I have had enough sleep :))

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