True rebel..

Wearing; Red jacket Berhska, Lipstick MAC, Tank H&M, Skirt H&M, Layered tights HEMA, Shoes River Island.

Sometimes rules are made to broken right?
Today while having little time to find a location for some outfit pictures, Jasper and I decided that I was allowed to challenge my inner rebel and climb on a random boat.
Not long after some poses for the camera, one of the harbor master kindly asked me to remove my damn ass off the boat.
While trying to explain the terms bad ass, rebel and the purpose of the shoot the only thing the harbor master could do is stare at me like I'm some sort of idiot.
Not that I'm not used to that look, I get that look pretty often since I started art school and often walk down the streets with strange objects.
Furthermore I'm hoping on a better day tomorrow when it comes to the weather because I want the sun to reflect on my lips or jacket so that I can blind some people who give me the look.
Every now and then risk should be taken.

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