Two thousand and ten..

Has been a magical year.
I've laughed, cried, screamed, danced, graduated, met new people, fallen, learned, sang, accepted to art school, sang everything you can imagine.
But most of all.. I have grown.
In my own style, but also as a person.
I went through my archive and instead of making a selection I featured all the outfits of every month this year.
The bad and good ones.
During the one and a half year blogging, I posted almost 230 outfits (including details), went to Amsterdam and Lisboa Fashion Week, got to write columns but most importantly express myself.
But if it wasn't for you, supporting me, visiting my blog, none of this would have happened.
So thank you for that and I hope you will come with me to a new year of blogging/journeys.
May all your wishes come true..
Happy new year!!

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