We tend to forget..

Wearing; Blouse H&M, Watch Triwa, Ring Obey and Topshop, Bag Vintage, Skirt H&M, Tights HEMA.

But never forgive.
There are so many experiences in life and wether it's a bad or a good one it makes you to the person you are today.
We tend to forget that not everyone in this world has received as many blessings as we do.
It's up to us to be grateful and make the best of every situation.
Probably what has been on my mind lately..
With all the horrible things happening in Japan for example.
Which inspired me to again go true my head (and drawers) to see what I have.
That is were I rediscovered my big love, my triwa watch and red heels which look pretty against black.
Not alone black but also purple..

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